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I believe veterans don’t get a fair enough shake in certain industries — sales, marketing, creative services, among others.


I also believe veterans are the single most entitled group of job seekers in the market.


We have at our disposal an unbeatable set of transferable skills, experiences, and frameworks from our time in service, but the difference between us and college kids who stacked internships in college is that they tell their story better than we do.


Yes, their experiences are more of a one-to-one than ours, so it's easier, but it’s the very act of translation that makes our set of experiences more valuable. 


If we learn to understand, implement, and communicate, that set becomes a strong foundation.


Next week, I'm going to lay out how to stack these three skills.


Do the work that's right in front of you, and see what happens.


✍🏼 My name is Carey Kight, and I am ❌ not an operator ❌. I was a flight line weapons troop in the Air Force. Now I help veterans build ⚡️SKILLS⚡️ to successfully transition from service to civilian.


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