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I re-learned a valuable lesson – momentum is more valuable than motivation.


I have myriad excuses for why I missed two emails last week.


I was sick, my family and I moved to a new state, I sent, revised, and resent a moderately big proposal (which I lost) while also working on a couple of existing projects … but the hard truth to admit is that I didn't sustain my momentum. I mismanaged my time.


I can wallow in self pity, or I can pick up where I left off and do the work that's right in front of me and see what happens.


Terminal leave is too late. Do the work that's right in front of you, and see what happens.

✍🏼 My name is Carey Kight. I was a flight line weapons troop in the Air Force. Now I help veterans build ⚡️SKILLS⚡️ to successfully transition from service-to-civilian.


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