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Updated: Feb 15

Yesterday I outlined my three foundational beliefs about our initial transition from service to civilian.


Today we're diving into Belief 1️⃣: We get to choose our own professional future regardless of our previous military profession.


There are two main ways we limit ourselves using our previous role in the military as the primary reference point.


The first is that we assign our personal identity to that role. We internalize assumptions about who we must be based on what we have done.


What we need to do is recognize that our military experiences ✅ARE✅ an excellent foundation that provide helpful frameworks we can apply in life and at work, but our military experiences are ❌NOT❌ who we are as humans at home and at the office.

We live full lives with a range of interests, skills, and experiences we can bring to bear on our next adventure.⁣

The second way we limit ourselves post-service is that we assume career success is a linear progression from one fixed position to the next.


Gone are the days of staying at one firm for 25+ years. There is no functional manager assigning us to our next role and PCSing us.


We seize the opportunities that emerge from the path we're on with each previous opportunity creating more interests, skills, and experiences for us to apply.


Don't over-engineer it: getting on a path – any path – that aligns with the interests, skills, and experiences you have right now will set the process in motion.


Terminal leave is too late.

Do the work that's right in front of you, and see what happens.


✍🏼 Carey Kight is not an operator … he’s just a flight line guy helping veterans build ⚡️SKILLS⚡️ to successfully transition from service-to-civilian.


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