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Injuring out of the Pararescue Indoctrination course devastated me.


I didn't enlist in the military to be in the military. I enlisted to go do something really hard and be a cool guy door-kicker, and even though Indoc was still just a training environment, I was doing really hard sh*t with really cool dudes. I did not want to leave.


When I arrived at Sheppard Air Force Base for Armament Systems tech school, I did not want to be there. I did not want to train for that job.


But as the instructor taught us more about the “Weapons” career field, my ears perked up. I learned I was going to be assigned to the flight line to work on F-15Es. Flight line weapons troops worked in crews of three. And as a crew, we would have to get and stay qual'd every month.


While not exactly the same, my new career field had versions of everything I wanted: it was a team environment driven by competition and reliant on hard won competence.


Too many people choose a job or title because it's what they want to do and they end up quitting because they hate where they work.


Look for an environment where you can thrive, and you'll discover what you want to do from a strong foundation.


Terminal leave is too late. Do the work that's right in front of you, and see what happens.


✍🏼 My name is Carey Kight. I was a flight line weapons troop in the Air Force. Now I help veterans build ⚡️SKILLS⚡️ to successfully transition from service-to-civilian.


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