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Like any good film school student, I wanted to be the next Quentin Tarantino. More like Christopher Nolan, actually … write and direct some indie films, catch the attention of the studios, write and direct some blockbusters, keep my feet in the indie world, make both kinds of films, maybe dabble in prestige television.


That easy, right?

Difficulty wasn't the problem with my plan, though. The problem with my plan was that it was too rigid, too structured, too limiting – the hallmarks of an amateur artist.


I didn't know what I didn't know. Mainly that my dreams, aspirations, and work ethic weren't going to point me in the direction I would end up going in, actual experiences would.


Work begets the work. If you want to secure a job in a specific industry, get into that industry as fast as possible regardless of – maybe even especially – if it's not exactly what you think you want to do.

Terminal leave is too late. Do the work that's right in front of you, and see what happens.


✍🏼 My name is Carey Kight. I was a flight line weapons troop in the Air Force. Now I help veterans build ⚡️SKILLS⚡️ to successfully transition from service-to-civilian.


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